ArmActiv pro Gear 190 ml
ArmActiv pro Gear 190 ml

ArmActiv pro Gear 190 ml

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One treatment per 100,000 miles

ArmActiv pro Gear 190 ml

Tribotechnical composition is designed to treat mechanical gearboxes to protect against wear, reduce friction and optimize work processes.

Volume – 190 ml.

Blends with any type of oil.

Composition: Mineral composition + carbon compounds + active substances, base oil.

Provides reliable protection against wear and tear by carbon nanoreinforcement technology.


  • Anti-scuffing (prevents seizing and scuffing of rubbing surfaces under high loads);
  • Antifriction (reduces friction loss);
  • Anti-wear (significantly reduces the wear of friction pairs).


  • Increase gearbox parts life up to 5 times due to formation of a tribopolymer layer on the surface of friction pairs (carbon nanoreinforcement);
  • Reduce the fuel consumption up to 10%;
  • Significantly reduce vibration, and hence noise;
  • Improves the smoothness of the gearshifting;
  • Increases the coast-to-neutral.

It is not an additive for oils. Oil serves only as a "transport system" for the delivery of the composition to the friction units. Does not change the viscosity of oils. It’s chemically neutral to them, blended with all types of transmission oils. Does not have a negative effect on rubber products.


Before use, shake the vial with the composition intensively.

The temperature of the composition should be approx. + 200С.

  1. Pour the composition into the gearbox heated to operating temperature;
  2. Fill the composition in the oil filler neck of the gearbox;
  3. After pouring the composition into the gearbox, start moving in the normal mode, providing a run of 15 - 25 km / 5 engine hour;
  4. The dosage of the composition and recommendations are given in the instructions;
  5. Strictly follow the instructions for use.


  1. The gearbox must be in good condition.
  2. To achieve the greatest effect, it is recommended to perform simultaneous treatment of gearboxes, reduction gearboxes and bridges.


The vial volume is 190 ml. The lid provides tightness and control of the first opening.

Storage conditions: -200С - +700С.

Shelf life: 5 years from the date of production (indicated on the vial).